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How to start a business

15 Steps to Start a Business

Starting your own business requires more than just business knowledge. It requires knowing how your brain operates, what motivates you, and what doesn’t motivate you to act.
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How To Be Antiracist & Other Must-Read/Watch/Listen Resources

As we learn to be better allies in the fight against racism, we put the call out to our Raddler community for resource recommendations. The following list is the result. It is by no means is an exhaustive list.
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Evelyne Keomian is a solopreneur who founded Karat School Project, an education nonprofit serving children in the Ivory Coast

Foundations Don’t Know What They’re Missing

One of the girls we took on at our school in the Ivory Coast was maybe 4 or 5 years old. I had organized a women's rights education day. We met her mother. The goal was to inform parents about the basic right of the child to receive an education and to let them know that I had worked with donors to make that possible. Sign up fees and buying school supplies doesn't add up to a lot but it stops them from registering (their children) for school. So this mother registered. We called her to come in and meet with us. She had 2 kids. I didn't have the funds (for both) so told her I could only afford to take one.
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San Francisco Small Business Owner Eden Stein of Secession Art & Design

SF Art Gallery Owner Warriors On

My dream started in 2007. I was a preschool teacher and curating art pop ups for an architecture firm. A conversation at a party sparked the idea. The architecture firm owner, who was moving, planted the seed: “You should open a store and an art gallery.” Almost like a dare and then a take back. He asked me, “Do you want to do this?” I said yes almost immediately. He said “I don’t want to break you, but owning a business is really really hard.” I started Secession. 13 years later...
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Get the Most Raddlers = Win MasterClass Pass

Raddle’s private beta doors are officially open to invite-only members and will close once we’ve hit our target number of initial paid members. Who do you know that needs Raddle? Because when you invite your friends, you'll have a chance to win cool shit.
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Welcome to Raddle

This certainly is an interesting time to launch a business. So much has changed since the coronavirus began. You may be scared, or excited about new possibilities, or some combination of both. The question is, “Where do we go from here?” The answer is in the question.
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